OpenGL and (DirectX)

Yes… I am using OpenGL for the 3D Rending because I hate DirectX (Not that I hate how it works the coding is weird so many things that could be done with out and the language could do on its own and long hard to remember commands ect…).

That though leaves me with a problem that I new about but did nothing about…

The audio and input…

OpenGL dose not do that… And I want to stay away from DirectX (At lest for now until i get my programmed and done than I might add DirectX support)

Now I know there are take offs from OpenGL that are made to work with OpenGL for Input and Audio ect…

I just don’t know what is best or what to stay away from ect…

This is for games so it needs to be fast and it cant miss a input like C++ would do… If you know of or have used some please tell me your toughs on them…


P.S. I also liked that OpenGL works on all platforms and I want the Audio and Input language to do the same…

Thanks Again.

P.S.S. Do you know of a DirectX type thing for UNIX? or LUNIX? Or any of the remakes of UNIX?

Thanks Again Again.

Originally posted by ComputerNerd8888:
The audio and input…


Try SDL ( SDL gives you crossplatform OpenGL, audio, input, cdrom etc. It’s also very easy to use.

Sound - fmod,OpenAL
Network,Input, - sdl
Image - OpenIL


Why not use SDL for it all?

And OpenGL for Rendering?


> Why not use SDL for it all?

Sure. Depends on how sophisticated you want to get. OpenAL is more for positional audio, IIRC (never used it).

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