OpenGL and DirectPlay

Basicaly im looking for advice on this one.

Im about to start a multi player dog fighting game for a project and I want to know how easy/difficult it would be to encompass directplay in an OpenGL engine.

I have looked at some winsock code already and the problems associated with synchronization seem a bit complicated.

Its hard to find any decent tutorials for directPlay on the net n at this stage im not sure how it would all fit together.

Does anyone have any links for sites with decent directplay tutorials ? I know im prolly asking in the wrong place but seeing as msdn sucks i thought id try

Is a sample source available from msdn (one that implements directplay). If so, download it and read over it very carefully (run it, trace it, hack it, etc.). I know it will take a long time but you will learn how it works, and if you can do that, then you can learn anyother DirectX feature by doing the same.

Ok, I will guestimate 3 days tops to learn how to use it. Good Luck.