OpenGL and debugging problem

I am having trouble debugging any openGL app in Visual Studio (v6.0 or .Net, doesn’t matter). The message I get when the first openGL function call is made in the app is that it cannot find the source information so it asks if I want to jump into disassembled code. Actually that’s the only choice it gives me.

I should mention that this problem only shows up on my desktop, home PC and I’ve never successfully debugged any openGL app there. But on 3 of my other machines (2 work machines and a laptop) I can debug just fine. I don’t remember doing any special setup on those machines for openGL.
I should also mention that on my home PC, the app runs fine in non-debug mode.

Re-installing VS 6.0 and installing a new copy of VC.Net did not solve this problem. Anybody have this problem?

I can give more details on my PC if needed.