OpenGL and D3D crash in everything

700mhz Duron
192mb Ram
32mb DDR Radeon
48x CD-ROM
13gb HDD
Onboard sound
Amptron 805L mobo w/ KT133 chipset
Win 98 SE

Okay this is my dilema. Everything i do with OpenGL or D3D, crashes. All of my games crash like Half Life in OpenGL and D3D or the game i just bought, Giants: Citizen Kabuto crashes in D3D. So I use software mode in everything but thats incredibly slow and choppy looking. But Giants doesnt have software rendering, only D3D, so i cant play it at all. I heard it was my cheasy Amptron mobo (aka PCCHIPS) and if heard its not being cooled down but i have a fan blowing in, a fan on radeon heatsink, a fan on cpu and a fan in the power supply. Thnx fer yer help!!