OpenGL and CS


i have a p3 450, 256mb, Elsa TNT Pro 32mb.

When running CS in opengl 640*480 i have around 20-35 fps.

Does anybody know how i can improve the fps?
(without buying new equipment)

What is the meaning of all the switches in my grafikcards settings, like vertical sync?

Is the performance better with or without vert.sync?

Thanks for any help.

The sync is if the card should wait for the monitor. The default settings should probably be OK.

Using 16 bit color depth instead of 32 can be faster. Most games also has a lot of options that affects the rendering speed.

problem with this,
A: Half-life ####'s you out of half the video modes your card is capable of
B: Half-life DOES NOT allot you to change color depth for current modes (always 16mil)
C: Counterstrike is just the same half-life only you don’t have single player and would’ve been better off downloading the MOD version, heh try 512x384 and using some of the gl commands like setting gl_texturemode to GL_MIPMAP ( must start half life with -dev and - console)

try setting gl_picmip and gl_playermip to 2.

try looking at some other console commands that you can use to tweak open gl modes. Here is a helpful URL:

good luck.