OpenGL and CS, D2, and HL

for some reason now counter-strike, diablo 2, and half life do not run in open gl mode, im not even sure if they run in the other modes either as of now but they were running fine b4 i had to reformat, any suggestions? oh yeah im using a voodoo 5 5500 PCI…for now

Check win.ini for DVA more information in the q3 thread.

What O/S are you using?? EX Win98, Win2K, ect? post reply and I will help you.

I can use OpenGL for Counter-Strike but I only get 60fps. I’ve already set the limit to 99.

AMD TBird 900, Leadtek GeForce2GTS 32DDR, 256MB RAM, and WindowsME.


i had the same fps problem in cstrike when i set the res @800x600 it tachs out my fps whein i set it at 1024*768 it locks it at 60fps and i mean locks wont go higher or lower weird huh

Your monitors refresh rate might be to blame… If your monitor is set at 60hz, then only 60fps will show, If your monitor supports it, bump the refresh up to 75hz and see if that makes any difference.

BTW Why do you need more than 60 fps?

i have CS how do i check how many fps is running???

in console type: cl_showfps 1

The fps will appear in the top left corner

mistalovalova, thank you. your answer is the one ive been searching for.
i have win xp pro, xp1800, 512mb pc2100, ti4200 128mb.
playing cs in d3d i get 100fps max and it fluctuates wildly (30-100fps) during gameplay. in opengl it appears to be capped at 60fps, always going from 60.5 to 59.5 solid and 0 loss and choke.
my monitor is set to 100mhz refresh in windows but maybe something in-game is changing it to 60mhz?? guess thats what i’ll need to figure out tonite.
again, thanks.

check your v-sync on your card open/gl properties and the fps_max value in your config.cfg file in cstrike folder. v-sync is suggested to be off, but some tearing may occur. fps_max is used to set your max fps in game (duh) so fps_max 100 is the actual CS limit.