OpenGL and Composite

Hello everyone,

I am facing a specific problem which is driving me nuts. I am trying to setup an OpenGL application that allows me to display a windows system by redirecting other application windows. Pretty much very similar to compiz.

But after fews days trying to find out a way, I haven’t had any progress. I am not even sure I may redirect windows that are not under direct control of my application (which is not a problem but could be a nice feature). Does anyone know somewhere I may look at or recommend to read? Any hint is appreciated.


P.S: The goal is pretty much to setup a minimal desktop with windows under a full screen OGL application. Composite seems the way to go but having hard time to get correct information on it.

A minimalist X11/OpenGL server/screen where you can remotely display X11/GLX programs using



Or ssh -X <machinename> “gl_application”. ssh will set up the necessary X forwarding, even if X display access protections are enabled.

If this isn’t what you want to do, please describe a specific use case in terms of PCs, their OSs, and applications on those OSs. Your description is pretty vague.

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