OpenGL and Borland C++ 4.52

I’m just starting learning OpenGL, and I am now rather frustrated with Borland, as it keeps on giving me numerous errors. Even with code that I download, it cannot compile them. I’ve downloaded all new header files, and converted my .dll files into .libs, and I can get the .libs to link correctly (After a little searching), but now I keep getting the error “Linker Error: Unresolved External ‘ChangeDisplaySettingsA’ referenced from module <filename.c>”. Where filename.c is whatever C project that I’m trying to compile. Also, note that I’ve searched all my headers that I’ve included, and my source for ‘ChangeDisplaySettingsA’, and have been unsuccessful in finding this reference.
Any ideas?

In case you’re wondering, I used implib to import the libraries directly from my .dll files in C:\windows\system to C:\bc45\lib\gl, and they all imported correctly. I’ve also added nodes to the project to tell borland where the .lib files are, and I still get the same error!

Okay… I found that the program DOES compile (there’s an executable there, anyways), but the fullscreen mode crashes… I think this is because the ChangeDisplaySettings function is only called in fullscreen mode (once in when creating the window, and once when destroying the window).

I believe that there are two ChangeDisplaySettings(…) functions, your calls are directed to ChangeDisplaySettingsA(…) somewhere in the API I believe. This should be defined in windows.h, just make sure you include windows.h before all other includes

More specifically
ChangeDisplaySettings(…) is defined in winuser.h and part of user32.lib

I ended up uninstalling Borland C++ 4.52, and just downloading the command line version of Bcc5.5. You don’t get the IDE, but at least it works :-).