OpenGl and ASUS V7700 Delux AGP Card

Does anyone know how we can initialise the Asus V7700 AGP card using OpenGl or where we can go to acquire such code?

I seem to have spent ages search without too much success.

If you want new drivers so go to the manufacturers page. If the card supports OpenGL do you just need the drivers.

Some old/cheap cards lacks OpenGL support. If you can run games like Quake3 do your card have OpenGL drivers.

A second break here…
I was curious and checked out what card you have, wow a GF2 GTS!
This is one of the best cards available so you will not have any problems with OpenGL. I guess you can get drivers from Asus but the latest and coolest stuff is probably direct from NVIDIA.

Since you are posting here do I guess that you also wants to do OpenGL programming. Once again are you lucky since NVIDIA has the best OpenGL support. Take a look at the developer pages.

Thanks Mango for your help.

On the Asus point … we have tried to contact them without success.

What exactly do you mean by initialising? Can’t you run OpenGL programs? Can you do regular 2d stuff like windows in anything else than VGA? If you can, that’s all the initialisation you nee. If you can’t do that, then you nedd to install the drivers which came with the card or download new ones from ASUS or Nvidia and install them.