OpenGL and 3D scenes in Visual C++

I’m new to OpenGL and would like to know how I integrate a 3D scene in a GUI/windows form in Visual C++?

Does there exist a basic opensource example (where buttons like zoom, rotation and so on has been integrated in the GUI)?

Thanks in advance.

You can use Glut toolkit for display and need glut32.dll , glut.lib
openGL is integrated to C/C++

second way is to go for Qt toolkit that is platform independent. [Linux and Win]

third option is to use MFC for display ( painstaking one)

For examples refer to red book or random serf.

Use SDL!
Qt it’s easy too use, but it’s a little ahard to setup un Visual C++(although Qt it’s a very powerful framework).Glut it’s just good for the OpenGL samples, but not for a good GUI design.

Look at the turial in Nehe :