OpenGL (Alpha2) Dynamic Link Library File -Windows

Hi, I have downloaded an OpenGL (Alpha2) Dynamic-link library file to copy to a Windows 98 Game folder (Game is called Severence Blade Of Darkness). The path to place the .dll file is: C:\Codemasters\Severance\Bin\Raster
After doing some research, I have found out the Alpha2 version of the OpenGL Raster/ Rendered file was never finished. Please, does anyone know the website links for getting more of these equivalent .dll files to paste into the games render folder? Or how to access the OpenGL (Alpha2) program to add more code? Does anyone have any extra code? Using the Alpha2 .dll version, the shading for Fog/ Mist in the Severence game is too much and whitewashes the whole screen, and the character I control cannot see where he is going, keeps falling off cliffs, which is very embarrassing. :o

The file is called OpenGL Raster (alpha 2), type - raster/ rendering, and is a cross-platform graphics interface for 3D and 2D graphics. This library allows processing programs to utilize the speed of an OpenGL accelerated graphics card. In the path is also two Dynamic-Link Library files equivalent to the OpenGL one. One is called D3d, the other is called r3Dfx Voodoo 1-2 - for very old voodoo graphics card. I have an ATI HD4870. The openGL file is called rOpenGL.dll. My question is, do you know any website links for getting more of these equivalent .dll files to paste into the path? I am after a newer version of the Alpha2 rendered file. The graphics/ shading is much better using D3d (Direct3D). I tried Google and all I can find is software engine development tools, compilers etc., which is not what I’m looking for. I look forward to your reply.