"OpenGL 4 for 2010" slides available

I’ve gotten some emails asking how to download the slides for the “OpenGL 4 for 2010” NVIDIA sponsor session at SIGGRAPH that Barthold and I presented. You can get the (corrected & expanded) slides here:


If you want to follow along with actual presentation at SIGGRAPH and see the programmable tessellation demos, see:


I hope this helps.

  • Mark

Thanks. Could you post a copy of the PPT (or a PDF of it) for folks that like to packrat that kind of thing. :slight_smile: Like Khronos does for the OpenGL BOF.


you can download the ppt from the above slideshare.

But you have to register… Right?

Thanks. I figured the Download link would download the video which isn’t what I wanted, so I didn’t bother to register at first. But Download does in-fact give you the PPT. And yes, you do have to register, which is for now free and no-hastle.