OpenGL 4+ 20sides dice in 3D

I need help on a simple program. I’m really a newbie in OpenGL, but I have to do 20 sides dice in 3D. When you click “space” dice will be rotate, and in the last step show the result. Someone explain me how i can do that? Unfortunately i have 3 days only

I will be write in C++

about the dice with 20 sides the simplest way is to use 3D modeler like Blender create your object and use opengl to render it.
if your are new to opengl i recommend to watch this tutorial on youtube : Modern opengl tutorial the youtube channel is thebennybox i think there is almost 80 videos that will help you to be good at opengl and shaders also the code is availbal for downloading …but if this is an assignment you better do it your self
good luck

Thx for fast replay. I will watching a tutorials in YT. In project i must use pipe and shaders :smiley: for this.

ya you can create your dice inside the program or just read it from a obj file in both cases you are going to use shaders