OpenGL 3D Drawings -> CAD File Format

I was wondering if someone could help me out, for example I programmed something up using Visual C++ and OpenGL and I produced an OpenGL model of a car, how would I be able to save this 3d OpenGL model of a car to any CAD file format like .STL (stereolitography)?

I’ve visited and it seems like a solution to my problem. Its a toolkit to Read and WRITE .3DM files (Rhino File Format)
However, somebody told me that no, that’s not the case,…“it just loads models”

I’m pretty much confuse now. I really need to know how will I be able to save an OpenGL 3d Drawing into a file format. Is there any resource here in the internet that I could look it up on?

Henry Wu

You could write your own exporter to write to a open file format. And generally speaking you load a model into a opengl program and don’t actually hardcode the model into a program. The compiler tend to complain or get errors if you hard code vertices into the actual code.

You can also try one of those scene graph program and see if they can help. There are a few on