OpenGL 3 Programming Code


can somebody give me a simple programming code as example for OpenGL 3? I couldn’t able to finde any examples…

Thank you in advance!

you’ll stand more chance if you give yourself a girls name, suganja.

i am a girl but what the point of this??? i only wanna help

@knackered: OWNED :stuck_out_tongue:

Think after such epic ownage he should provide the example himself :slight_smile:

I would if this thread, along with a few other recent threads, were moved to the beginners forum.
It might be an idea to only allow advanced forum posts if your post count is over 50. There are people (aka weirdos) who actually like answering questions on the beginners forum. I’m not one of them. I have better things to do. These snide comments don’t write themselves, y’know.