OpenGL 3 compatible chip

I am about to purchase a notebook with an NVIDIA QUADRO FX 570M. I was wondering weather OpenGL 3.x will be able to run on this card. I herd some ware that, GL3 will run on any hardware with shader model 4.0. The card i am getting is shader model 4.0, and based of the 8600M. Should i get this card, or wait until the official GL3 specification is released?

OpenGL 3 will run on OpenGL 2.1 hardware. Mean GeForce 6 Radeon X1***

I don’t know to which corresponding chips Quadro 570M is.

According to the wikipedia page it is based on 8600M cards, wich is DX10-class hardware, which means GL2.1+extensions, so will run GL3.0.

QED :stuck_out_tongue:

GL 3.0 (long peaks) is a cleaned up GL 2.1 so a bunch of cards that are 3 years old will run it. Radeon 9500+ and Gf 5200+

Mount Evans will have a high requirement.
That’s for DX10 level GPUs.

thanks all. Does that fact that i now have dx10 hardware matter at all? is openGL 3.0 going to utilize the dx10 hardware?

Yes, OpenGL3.0 will use Dx10 hardware fine.

If you have DX10 hardware, you can already use it fully with GL 2.1+vendor extensions (such as geometry shader, etc).

To answer your question more fully, when GL3 comes out, it won’t support all the fancy features (geometry shaders &c) of “DX10” hardware. That support will come later, in about 6 to 8 months if the most recent information - now at least a month out of date - can be trusted.