Opengl 3.3 with C#

Hello everybody…
I’m C++/Opengl programmer… I recently learn about C# and I want to use it ( and Dot Net) with Opengl 3.3.
After some research I have found C# functions (Marshalling
utilities) but these only allow us to use the functions in Opengl32.dll but :
How can I use functions which must be take from hardware like shader functions…??
At second time I found libraries like OpenTK, Tao …
but I don’t want to learn about a new library…I want to do my own wrapper… So need your help…
Excuse… my english is not very good …I’m a french guy

Look at OpenTK source code…

Thanks for your answer…
Can I have another idea ???

I created my own small CAD system using OpenGL (MS Windows).
I am starting to learn C#. and like to port my CAD to DOT.NET.
Is OpenTK better than Tao? I am trying to use Visual Studio 2008. My CAD is documented in

There’s nothing to learn with Tao except how to put Gl. in front of all your opengl calls and being able to import a reference into your c# project. I’ve been using it for years with success. Never had a problem.

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