OpenGL 3.2 setup

I’m trying to setup visual studio 2008 to use openGL 3.2. I’ve done a fair amount of things to try get it working but ill just mention what problem I’m having at the moment.

I downloaded and ran the openGL 3.2 samples and the sample.check() which runs:

	glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION, &MajorVersion);
	glGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION, &MinorVersion);

And I get version 2.1( but of course it does because the standard context uses openGL 2.1??). Note: if I run this same code in another project that I have created, and AFTER I create the new 3.x type context it returns version 3.1 after I pass in the the attribs into the new openGL 3 context :

int attribs[] = {

But errors when I pass in minor version 2, why??? I think ATIs drivers support openGL 3.2.

I have the latest drivers for my laptops(Dell) graphics card. ATI 3670. Also OpenGL Extensions Viewer 3.15 states my openGL version is 3.0, driver version 8.631 25-jun-09.

So in the samples why do they do the version check before the context is created??? because it says I’m using openGL 2.1

Is there a guide how to setup openGL 3.2 on windows 7? I assume all I have to do was install the latest graphics card driver?

Also its annoying how there is so many “helper?” librarys for openGL around. Whats the deal with glew library? In my other project I couldn’t start writing VBO type rendering without it because of some functions weren’t defined in the gl.h, but were defined in glew headers.

What ATI Catalyst driver have you installed? To get 3.2 support you must use 9.12 driver.

gl.h usually comes with your compiler, and is not upgraded to newest/lastest OpenGL version. To get latest OpenGL symbols you must use glext.h file. And to get latest OpenGL entry points you must load them manyally with your OS support functions (in Windows it is wglGetProcAddress). Libraries like GLEW or GLEE helps here and does all the hard work themselves. All you have to do is just use functions and they will load all needed functions on demand. It has been like this already for ages, 3.2 version has not introduced in this mechanism (entry point loading) nothing new.

I have Catalyst 8.631.

I have the the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3670. And I don’t think there is drivers for this card that supports openGL 3.2 :frowning:

unless someone knows where i can find the catalyst 9.2 for mobility cards! The most annoying thing is that dell make the drivers for the graphics card and they are useless

Go to

and update your drivers…