OpenGL 3.2 issue with CAD software

Some weeks ago I bought a new PC with Windows7 (Ultimate 64) and NVIDIA GTX295. I installed my CAD software but it crashed right after start. I contacted the support and they told me that their software has some problems with OpenGL3.2. They recommended to step back to NVIDIA driver 190.62 (I’m using 195.62) or alternatively I could remove/rename the nvoglv64.dll.

I’m not a driver expert but what I’d like to know is what will happen if this or any other software wants to use OpenGL and the nvoglv64.dll is not available at all? Is there a kind of “default” DLL that the driver uses instead?

To be honest, I can’t imagine that removing a DLL is the right way and I’m currently pushing them to repair the software immediately. But I need a workaround for the next days and weeks and I would be glad if there is someone out there who knows how to step back from OpenGL3.2 to OpenGL3.1 without serious impacts on the stability of my system.


Step back to NVIDIA driver 190.62 sound a much better fix than messing with a dll.