OpenGL 3.2 and NV_Vertex_Buffer_Unified_Memory


Is it possible to have NVIDIA’s bindless graphics extensions working with an OpenGL 3.2 context? Everything seems to be fine, but since glEnableClientState has been removed, there’s no way to tell the GL to use GPU addressing.

Prehaps a quick tweak of the spec is needed to allow GL_VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_UNIFIED_NV and GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_UNIFIED_NV to be passed to glEnable instead.

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If I understood the extension correctly it reintroduces glEnableClientState for contexts that remove its original function.

On a closer look, it seems LWJGL is shooting me in the foot, by not bothering to get the address of glEnableClientState if a forward compatible context is created.


Correct, but EnableClientState will only accept the Bindless Graphics related tokens in this case.

(with my NVIDIA hat on)