OpenGL 3.1 info at GDC 2009

There will be a group of presenters covering OpenGL 3.1 on Tuesday afternoon (3/24). OpenCL will also be a big topic for the day.

I’ll try to follow up here with more details after the presentation.

Great information!
Great to see you in red! I guest it kind of officiallize your great but required OpenGL PR work.

I can’t wait for these feedbacks!

Oh. The colorizing of the user name shouldn’t imply any official PR capacity. I just asked the webmaster to set my account so I can create topics in the announcement section, I guess it turns red when you do that :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let people know that more information will be forthcoming next week.

That’s great news!

Unfortunately for me, I’ll be arriving for the GDC on Tuesday, so I’ll probably miss the presentation :frowning:

Will the notes be made available online?


The GL section of the Khronos track runs from 2 to 4PM. Room 3002. Would be happy to meet up and chat with people even if you arrive after the presentation.

Don’t know what the plan is for materials to be put online yet.

Thanks Rob!

I’m impressed that the spec was finished this quickly, and I’m excited to see what’s new.

OpenGL 3.1 Specification (March 24, 2009)

OpenGL 3.1 Specification with GL_ARB_compatibility extension (March 24, 2009)

Just after a quick pre-coffee glimpse: Uniform buffers look shiny :slight_smile: Gone all the crap with bindable uniforms, uniform blocks similar to the cbuffer syntax, also with specifyable layout.

And at last, signed normalized texture formats :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy OpenGL 3.1 day !

Thank You!

Will there be cleaned header files, too?

…I’m off browsing specs…

there’s going to be new GL3/gl3.h, GL3/gl3ext.h headers according to section H. of spec. it says “Initially it contains only the APIs in OpenGL 3.1”.

Does this mean features will only ever be removed in major versions?

Table 3.12 with the internal formats on page 122 in
shows wonky black rows, missing the signed internal formats. This is also similar in the spec with the undeprecated stuff in it.

We’ll get that fixed. Signed normalized textures are definitely “in” for 3.1 and please do not get the wrong idea due to a PDF publishing error :slight_smile:

Nooooo the server get crazy and don’t want to let me download OpenGL 3.1 specifications … :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I have the GL_ARB_uniform_buffer_object already, 66 pages to wait. What a work on this extension! :slight_smile:

I have finally get to download the specification … what a nice surprised, GL_ARB_texture_rectangle, finally in the core! The so complicated life of this extension get more simple just like that … I’m wondering what changed ARB mind.

Maybe because it appears to be very useful for postprocessing effects? (theoretically it should be faster and neater to use non-normalized coordinates when mips are unnecessary)

I love the spec. Clean, strict, with very appreciated additions.

I wasn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Other thing, in the GLSL 1.4 spec

on page 31, there is an undefined reference

The std140 qualifier overrides only the packed and shared qualifiers; other qualifiers are inherited. The
layout is explicitly determined by this, as described in the API specification section??. Hence, as in shared above, the resulting layout is shareable across programs


these news are quite good.

I also did some harsh comments when OpenGL 3.0 was released, so I think now it is a good oportunity to do the other way, and congratulate everyone that made OpenGL 3.1 possible.

Thanks for improving OpenGL. I really don’t want to start learning DX.

Keep in mind that we are already working on the successor to 3.1, so this is a great time to hit up the “talk about your applications” thread for some post-3.1 feedback.

You are so not wasting any time Rob!

I’m still a reading processed but already have some points to comments :slight_smile: It’s coming on time.

Do you have to publish this stuff the moment i want to go to bed? Damn, i’ll go make coffee.

Well, my first impression is that the new trimmed 3.1 spec (which is finally baggage free) makes the previous 3.0 spec look awkward in comparison. People new to OGL are in for a nasty suprise …