opengl 3.1 for intel 82945G express chipset

My graphics device is Intel chipset 82945G. According to the OpenGL extensions viewer 3.0, I am not able to use even OpenGL 2.0! This is going to be a problem, cuz I am learning OpenGL 3.1 from the seventh edition of the redbook.

Please do not ask me to install the latest drivers, I am getting pretty tired of that answer in other message boards.

I downloaded the latest version of the Intel Graphics Acceleration Driver, with no difference. There doesn’t seem to be any other drivers.

If you know of a driver/workaround please post the link.

Thanks anyway…
The Cheap Guest.

According to Wikipedia, your chipset uses the Intel GMA 950. Also according to Wikipedia, the GMA 950 is only capable of DX9/GL 1.4.

There is no driver or workaround for this; you’re hardware just isn’t capable of GL 3.0 or above.

Like the man said, if the hardware can’t do it then it can’t be done. You’ll need to upgrade your hardware, period.

what would a suitable opengl 3-4 supporting graphics device cost?


Even less than that these days. You can pick up an HD5450 for about $35.