OpenGL 3.0

It’s october allready - anyone knows what’s going on with OpenGL 3.0? C’mon, we’re starving here :wink:

I expect it will be officially announced this month. Perhaps on my birthday?

when is your birthday?

Look at his profile :slight_smile:

So, I assume no one knows anything about the release of OpenGL 3.0.
I guess they’ll take us by surprize then.

In the meantime we can discuss my birthday and my profile :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way. I’ve found this nice picture (more less by accident, when searching for info on drivers):

I’ve been working on subsurface scattering and human skin rendering myself recently - lot’s of fun when it starts to work :cool: Too bad I have absolutely no time to work with OpenGL recently.

Hellknight looks a little miffed…

Probably still sore about getting his little bottom spanked :wink:

P.S. GPU Gems 3 has some terrific stuff on realistic skin rendering.

The first image looks like a photo. Even the eyes with the reflections look absolutely real. Sure that one is rendered?

Waiting for your birthday takes way too long. Mine is earlier. However, in my opinion tomorrow or today would be even better.


Damn right it looks real - it’s OpenGL :slight_smile:

Seriously - I’m not sure if it’s really rendered.
Eyes have some reflection (or shadow) on them. If it’s shadow, then I don’t see why it shouldn’t be rendered - in my water shader I also disable sun reflection on certain areas. If it’s self-reflection then it’s either offline rendered, a photo, or reflection cubemap (each eye with it’s own reflecting world and character’s skin - which I don’t believe is the case.

Light sources look artificial. There is blank background, but you can see clothing in the corner. So it’s either photo made in studio or a damn good rendering.
One thing is sure - it’s not impossible to achieve such quality.

I just found this image and thought I’d share it with you :slight_smile: The most important thing is - it’s inspiring. When you look at some of these images you just want to sit down and implement such skin shading yourself.

And yeah - I consider my birthday to be an ultimate deadline. I just don’t want to get too old for this, before specs are available :]

Seems way too good to not be fake.
Well for instance the last shot was rendered in Brazil (offline renderer) …
This one is great but offline too (3dsmax, zbrush):

I don’t doubt that it’s possible, i just didn’t expect such quality from a non-software renderer. I would say it is a photo or it is a damned well designed model and certainly rendered offline, with more complex lighting-models, than used for realtime-rendering.

But, yes, you are right, it is inspiring and so it doesn’t matter, whether it’s rendered or a photo (though since all other images are rendered, i assumed this one might be too).


That top left image looked familiar, looks like it’s by this guy:


Quite possible rendered in modo, not OpenGL.

Infact all those OpenGL screenshots look just a little bit too good.


The gentleman in the botton right corner looks a little like the actor George C. Scott.

The bottom left picture is the Nvidia’s Human Head demo (, so it is real. As to other OpenGL images - they really look too good :slight_smile:

It’s rendered.

The real issues are content (& scanning) and algorithm (lighting, subsurface scattering, specular), it’s not got a lot to do with the API used for rendering, so beware the marketing hype.

GPU Gems 3 has a lot of detail on the rendering of the lower left image. The center top image is the Crysis engine.

The center OpenGL image is from here (the Legionary project).

The bottom right image is by the same guy, and is here .


Originally posted by dorbie:
The real issues are content (& scanning) and algorithm (lighting, subsurface scattering, specular), it’s not got a lot to do with the API used for rendering, so beware the marketing hype.

Of course, you are right, but I remember some clowns posting an article in the internet about how much better DX10 will be then current API. As “proof”, they posted “screenshots” (taking some ugly images as examples for what GL and DX9 can do). I guess this one is a reaction :slight_smile:

I guess this one is a reaction
Sounds likely. Not on my side of course - I didn’t put these “OpenGL 2.1” labels there :wink: I guess there are about 50/50 offline and realtime.

The clowns you mentioned get lots of valuable gifts from Microsoft for their “efforts”.
I’ve posted some links here few months ago.

The real issues are content (& scanning) and algorithm
And that’s the only truth about realistic rendering. I guess most of guys on this forum are marketing-proof. Just look at the main page:
41% - Linux, 35% - Windows XP. I use XP as my primary, but that doesn’t mean I think it’s better than Linux.

elFarto - thanks for the link to top-left image.
This one is very inspiring. I’m about to do some character modelling myself, so thanks alot! :slight_smile:

I can list where all those images were taken from, and none of them are particularly good examples. The OpenGL images are actually the least credible.

The lower-left OpenGL image was taken from the nVidia Human Head demo, which shows off subsurface scattering, and it’s real-time, although it’s only a head.

The rest of the OpenGL images, however, were taken from the Mudbox3D samples. Mudbox3D, while it uses OpenGL, is just a modeller, not a renderer, so there’s absolutely no indication that they were rendered on hardware. A couple of those images are Doom 3 models, and while the models were eventually rendered in-game, they were never rendered at this detail; these models were just used to create the normal maps for the low-poly models.

All the DX10 shots are from Crytek’s Crysis, and were released in mid-2006; the game itself is due to be released next month. The top shot in particular was showing off subsurface scattering, and the full shot revealed that they were only rendering the head. Presumably this can all be done in real-time (and at the very least, in hardware) but it may be too early to tell.

The first DX9 shot was a screenshot of the Unreal 3 Engine’s tools, and the second was a pre-release promotional shot of the Berserker from Gears of War. Both are rendered in-engine, but not in-game.

The last two DX9 shots are from Unreal Tournament 3, which is to be released late this year or early next year. The first could potentially be in-game, but the second was definitely a promotional shot.

So this image is pretty useless when comparing libraries, and comparing libraries based on the end result is pretty useless anyway (unless you’re comparing DX9 to DX10) because you can get the same end result with any of them. There’s much better reasons why OpenGL and Direct3D are better than each other!

So this image is pretty useless when comparing libraries
Yes, it is. As all images are. Comparing DX9/10 and OpenGL is not the goal of this discussion.

The goal of this discussion is to kill some time waiting for OpenGL 3.0 :wink:
So, we look at some nice renderings (be it DX, GL or software renderer), talk about nothing in particular and eventually discuss my birthday :stuck_out_tongue:

And maybe, just maybe someone will still remember what was the first question and answer it.
I guess it’s a false hope - people tend to pay more attention to pictures :slight_smile:

Posting this picture was more about seeing something inspiring from time to time.

Yeah, I know. I wouldn’t be here either if I wasn’t trolling the forums for the last month hoping for some OpenGL 3 info.

Did they make any announcement that it would be delayed and if so for how long? Would we this time get an vendor independent SDK like DX is being distributed?