OpenGL 3.0 vs Vista

Hi, sorry if it’s a repost. I’ve done a quick search and it seems this is not discussed. Besides, sorry for my poor english.

I’ve a quick question. I’ve understand (maybe I’m wrong) that openGL 3.0 will be totally different from previous versions. In example some geometries descriptions will be changed. This mean that, if I’ve a software based on 1.2 specifications, I must modify it in order to work with 3.0. It’s correct?

If yes, this can be a problem to use Vista.
Infact Vista support only openGL <= 1.1 (or 1.4, not sure).
So, if a developer modify his software to use 3.0, after this modification the software will not work with Vista!!?

If yes, use openGL3.0 = not work with Vista.
Surely this can’t be true…I hope!



You got it all wrong, don’t worry :slight_smile:

In fact Vista supports GL 1.4 if you use the default (crappy) Microsoft drivers.

Vista currently already supports GL 2.1 when you have a video card that support it, and its drivers.

So for GL 3.0 it will be the same way.

Please note also that GL 3.0 will still allow existing GL 2.0 applications to work unmodified.

I’m happy to be wrong at all :slight_smile:

And about < 2.0 ?
It’s to rewrite?

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And about < 2.0 ?
It’s to rewrite?

Not at all.
Note that since version 1.0 OpenGL has evolved by adding new functionality. So even OpenGL 1.0 programs should compile and run under OpenGL 2.1. The 2.1 -> 3.0 transition is the first one to drop old API.

As for new API - you can still use old soure code that runs on OpenGL up to 2.1 and just create additional rendering context that will use OpenGL 3.0 for one or two extra features you want. Both contexts will be able to render to the same window.
So you can add OpenGL 3.0 features to an old application without rewritting it. Of course, in time, it will be better to switch to OpenGL 3.0 entirely.

Maybe one point need more clarification: OpenGL 3.0 will be a completely new API. It will have it’s own entry points independently of current OpenGL. You don’t need to rewrite current programms because OpenGL 2.1 implementations aren’t going anyway, but you will have to rewrite some code if you want to use the new API.

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