openGL 2D maze

Hi, I am trying to create a random maze generator. I have figured out the algorithm and decided to use disjoint set to create the maze. However, I am having hard time figuring out how to actually draw the maze in openGL. I am not really looking for how to draw the whole maze, but rather trying to figure out how to draw it in cells…i.e struct/array. For disjoint sets, I am using arrays to compare the side wall with back wall and see if maze can be dissasembled.

How do you create cells?



What kind of maze? 2D, 3D, something else? Are we talking Pac-Man or Quake? NetHack or Diablo?

You’re not giving us much to go on.

Well a 2D maze as said in the title. I basically want to generate a random maze each time a person clicks new and specifies size. I am using disjoint set algorithm to do that, however I am having trouble drawing this.

I want people to be able to printout a maze and then solve it by hand. With one random entrance and 1 random exit. Thanks,