OpenGL 2D Game - Redraw Problem


I am coding a game in OpenGL in C. My game is basically two player game. The two players play on the same computer. It a shooting game so the two players control a circular object, move around and rotate, and shoot at each other. Each circle has a shooting side (to shoot from) and a shield side (not affected by shots). The problem I am having is with the shooting. Once I press space (shooting button for player 2), it is supposed to draw a line that will move in a certain direction until it hits the other player or exit the screen. I got all the math of it right, but I can’t get OpenGL to display the lines for some reason. I do the same thing for drawing a line as changing the positon of a player when moved which is basically I update position and rely on glutDisplayFunc to update display. However its not doing it for my shooting for some reason. Attached is my code can you help please