Opengl 2.1

Where can I download openGL 2.1

"Typically, a compiler comes with the binding files. For example, if you have a C++ compiler, it will come with gl.h and opengl32.lib. It may even come with glu.h and glu32.lib, glut.h and glut32.lib.

If you don’t have your binding files, you will need to figure out where to download them from. Microsoft releases their Windows Platform SDK which contains these files and most likely you don’t need it because your compiler came with the files."

So I have to download “Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008” right?

Hello live3v1l,

No that is not necessary.
The only thing I needed for programming with OpenGL 2.1 ( or even 3.0 ) was glew, openglut and current graphic card drivers :wink:


Okay then I will use openGL 1.1 with extensions.

Thank you