OpenGL 2.1 Headers

I’ve just install an nvidia card in my CPU, an nvidia Geforce 7300 GT. I use Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. Compiz Fusion works fine. ALso I have this output:

#glxinfo | grep version
server glx version string: 1.4
client glx version string: 1.4
GLX version: 1.3
OpenGL version string: 2.1.0 NVIDIA 96.31

Everything looks fine!

The problem is when I try to compile a program ising VBO I have the output GLgenBuffers don’t found. I’ve check GL/gl.h and there is just 1.1 API. Whick packages do I need to download?

I don’t know for Linux but on Windows you need something like GLEW to access features beyound version 1.1. AFAIK GLEW also works on Linux and maybe other OSes.

[ | vector_math (3d math library) | software renderer ]

GLEW is pretty well cross-platform, yes.

There’s also GLEE, which does pretty much the same thing. I don’t know what the pros/cons of each are.

GLEW has an init function, while GLee uses lazy binding (at least, that’s the way it was last time I checked).

I prefer GLEW, since the lazy binding code in GLee causes a small overhead on every single function call, even if it is just two machine instructions.

GLEW is also fully cross-platform, whereas GLee was originally designed for Linux, and then hacked to Windows (I’m not sure if it exists for Macs).

Both of them are up-to-date with OpenGL 2.1 and all the SM4.0 extensions. And I believe that both licenses allow for source-level inclusion in any project.

Most things that exist for Unix-like systems can be made to work on OSX fairly easily. Only reason they wouldn’t be is laziness.

Still, it sounds like GLEW is the better choice from what you’ve said.

I’m new to openGL but when I first started trying to compile code Id was getting the same type of complaints from the GCC compiler about it not being able to find things that I knew were there.
In my case I tried changing my code from
#include <GL/glut.h> to #include “GL/glut.h”. Who knows this might work for your headers. I still don’t why it worked for me and I really don’t care.
Working code comes first.
Good Luck.