OpenGL 2.0

I have heart a lot about OpenGL 2.0 but the specification is the only feature I have from it. I need to know if I can get the released libraries or just the specification is available for this moment. Of course, in the first case, please tell where.

It is just a specification, you need to get drivers for your hardware, go to the manufacturers website and have a peek.

OK, thanks…

I suppose that your operating system is Microsoft Windows (eh ? just ~95% of peoples !)
The problem is that Microsoft didn’t work anymore to OpenGL on the system (ok, i suppose to promote only DirectX technology), there is a package with same libraries since many years !
Just like Mikael said, only the manufacturers maintain drivers (because OpenGL technology is changing and growing and games/applications are using this fabulous technology), so you can use latest tricks by install latest graphic driver