OpenGL 2.0

When will OpenGL 2.0 be released? Is there any way to have it before it’s offivcially released. I can’t just wait it.

I can’t also wait it. But I hope that there will be an OpenGl2.0 implementation for Windows.

In the OpenGL 2.0 status report presented at the last ARB meeting there’s written something like Q1 '03 for a first complete 2.0 implementation.


ok i am not that big a compuer xpert but i know some , anyways i was wonderin if this “OpenGL 2.0” would happen to work with xp? cuz i am not able to play any games that formally used opengl because as u most liely know opengl is not compatible with WindowsXP , any help plz?

OpenGL works fine with windows XP. Check out the main page and look at the right hand column for more info.