OpenGL 2.0 Supported Graphic Card

guys, I have a question, which is the first GeForce graphic card that support OpenGL 2.0 ? Currently mine is GeForce4 MX 4 which looks like only supported until 1.5.3, and I’m looking for new one(not the latest one), cause I can’t pay that much…
Thanks :slight_smile:

I would say Geforce FX 5200 : pretty cheap, a bit slow for gamers, but does a lot of things :

Can anybody tell if this is real support or partial/broken ?

Well, thanks for the info, I get the 6200 w/ TurboCache. The problem is, after running the program, it showed that the OpenGL version is 1.5.3, but in :
said that all Series 6 support OpenGL 2.0…
Do I get the wrong one ?

The latest stable official driver from nvidia only support OpenGL 1.5, as stated here :

The opengl 2.0 support is available from Forceware 75.90 and up, see this thread :;f=3;t=013087

I heard that unofficial 76.44 WHQL is very stable :

Ah, thanks very much for the info. I’ll get it later :slight_smile: