OpenGL 2.0 PixelStore suggestion

Please specify that a negative UNPACK_ROW_LENGTH is allowed for PixelStore. This is very useful when loading top-to-bottom saved images.

(PS: please remove selection from Pure OpenGL 2.0! And I’m a fan of SGIS_generate_mipmap, as it can be done in hardware asynchronously.)

You mean dropping the selection buffer ? What’s wrong with it ? It’s saved me many times from having to write a raytracer just to find out what’s at a pixel.

Yes, I mean dropping the selection buffer. It’s okay as a non-pure part of OGL2.0, but I don’t think it should be in the “pure” subset.

Do I have to fill out the idea assignment paperwork and fax it to 3dlabs to make sure they will consider the suggestion of making UNPACK_ROW_LENGTH allow negative values?

The feedback form is there mostly to protect you. Basically it says to not tell us any ideas / IP you have that you consider confidential, because they might wind up in the OpenGL 2.0 spec. If you’re posting those ideas in a public forum like this one you obviously don’t have those concerns :slight_smile:

As for negative unpack row lengths, we’ll take a look at it.


Hm, I just have this feeling that “unpure” may be synonymous with “deprecated” real soon and that would suck if the only thing in the pure part is the cutting edge stuff ?