OpenGL 2.0 not available! [Error Message]

I just bought a game that I have been wanting to play for ages now and this error message appeared when starting it up saying:

Fatal Exception caught: (RendererException) OpenGL 2.0 not available
[0] 7ff786767713 Star::captureStack
[1] 7ff78676649e Star::StarException::StarException
[2] 7ff786eaf0e2 Star::OpenGl20Renderer::OpenGl20Renderer
[3] 7ff786ea8155 std::make_shared<Star::OpenGl20Renderer>
[4] 7ff786ea895f Star::SdlPlatform::SdlPlatform
[5] 7ff786eab072 Star::runMainApplication
[6] 7ff7866b0506 WinMain
[7] 7ff7870985ff _scrt_common_main_seh
[8] 7ffba9028364 BaseThreadInitThunk
[9] 7ffba91370d1 RtlUserThreadStart
Caught at:
[0] 7ff786767713 Star::captureStack
[1] 7ff786767cd4 Star::fatalException
[2] 7ff78715edbc Star::runMainApplication’::`1’::catch$76
[3] 7ffb93b0c220 _C_specific_handler
[4] 7ffb93b029b2 _FrameUnwindFilter
[5] 7ffba917a193 RtlCaptureContext
[6] 7ff786eab072 Star::runMainApplication
[7] 7ff7866b0506 WinMain
[8] 7ff7870985ff _scrt_common_main_seh
[9] 7ffba9028364 BaseThreadInitThunk
[10] 7ffba91370d1 RtlUserThreadStart

I had to type this manually so there might be a mistake or two. The game is Starbound if that helps.

And what hardware have you?

HP G60-501NR 15.6-Inch Black Laptop - Up to 3.75 Hours of Battery Life (Windows 7 Home Premium)
2.2GHz Intel Celeron 900 Processor (1MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB) 2 GB DDR2 RAM (2 Dimm), Max supported 4 GB. …

I’m not a big tech savvy. This is what I could find by looking up the model name on the bottom. If you need more just ask. Also I updated to Windows 10 about a year ago.

From what I can find this laptop has a mobile Intel 4 Series GPU which should support OpenGL up to version 2.1.

That means that one of two things is probably most likely.

First is that you may be using a HP provided driver rather than an Intel one, and the HP driver lacks OpenGL support. This was unfortunately common in the timeframe in which the laptop was available (2009).

The solution is to source the correct display driver from Intel’s website and use the “have disk” installation method to install it. I can provide more information on this if required.

Second possibility is related to the fact that you upgraded to Windows 10, and that is that a Windows 10 driver supporting OpenGL 2.0 is just not available.

Unfortunately we do see this kind of problem quite often. Somebody has really old hardware (in your case 2009) but requires a more recent version of OpenGL. What version of OpenGL you have depends on your hardware and display driver; it’s not software that you can just upgrade. In your case you’re lucky in that your GPU should support 2.1 but as time goes on you’re going to find more and more programs that it just won’t run, and it’ll get so the only solution is to buy newer hardware.

Seems to be an Intel GMA 4500.
With that you can expect OpenGL 2.1. So update your drivers. Most probably, you’ll find the updates here.

EDIT: RESOLVED: Rebooting (a second time, oddly) resolved it. I have the same issue, with a GTX 1070, all recently updated.
I just bought the game today.