opengl 1.5 ?

i can’t find where i could download OpenGL 1.5 libaries for VC++ 6.0, can anyone give me a link ?

Mesa, a software renderer, can be downloaded here . It’s not 1.5 yet, since the spec was released only a few days ago, but Mesa usually update quite fast if I remember correct.

Hmz, maybe i asked wrong or something, i was searching for OpenGL 1.5 not Mesa, i think its called SDK, like Microsoft DirectX 9.0b SDK, where i can download newest SDK for OpenGL ?

There’s no official SDK for OpenGL. There are some SDK-like stuff from NVIDIA, and I assume ATI have something similar, but they are basically only a collection of demos, papers and utilities.

If you’re looking for newer versions of opengl32.lib/.dll from Microsoft, then you’re out of luck. Latest version is for OpenGL 1.1. Or, as I said, you can download Mesa. Once it’s updated to 1.5, you have libraries for OpenGL 1.5 (altough software only).

If you want to program with OpenGL 1.5, you first need to download drivers for your card that support OpenGL 1.5. Just as a warning, not all cards have such drivers…

Then if you want to use anything beyond the 1.1 functionality, you have to load the functions yourself using wglGetProcAddress.