OpenGL 1.5 specs out

Originally posted by Zengar:
Noone knows how to switch it on or we would have happy cries “ATI rulez!” around the forum. I don’t like it at all. To tell everyone trhat your driver supprts GLslang but disable this suport is a bad joke.

AFAIK public support isn’t that far off.

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They could give the funcitonpointers back anyway… the VBO was released that way. Not showing up in the extensions, but you could still retrieve the pointers, that enabled the developers to try out the interface even if there still was some bugs in the implementation.

vincoof : Not all opengl applications requires interactive rates, and if you really need the speed you should always do a speedtest in the init of the program… Nothing stops a ventor from implementing a certain extension in software ( like moste part of ARB_Imaging ) but thats my oppinion