opengl 1.5, just a quickie

opengl 1.5 drives with the new extensions offered as of now is now available for the 3D Labs Wildcat VP series. when will these drivers be ready for the NvIDIA/ATI market? been searching online, i thought they were out there.

ATI released a Hotfix for a single game (CoD) which is a “snapshot” of a newer driver (pre Cat3.10) and it includes all OpenGL1.5-Extensions except the NPT-Textures. I’m using it already and I also wrote a small glSlang-Demo which works fine with that driverset.

The latest ForceWare drivers from NVIDIA already allow you to use all the OpenGL 1.5 features as extensions (ARB_vertex_buffer_object, EXT_shadow_funcs, ARB_point_sprite, and ARB_occlusion_query).

What about GLSL implementation from Nvidia?

The OpenGL shading language extensions (ARB_shader_objects, ARB_vertex_shader, ARB_fragment_shader) are not part of OpenGL 1.5.