OpenGL 1.5 and high-level languages

Recently I posted a thread in this forum saying it would be nice to have a “standard” language for writing vertex and pixel programs in OpenGL.

After reading an article recently. It has come to my attention that ARB_vertex_program will be available in OGL 1.4 and an ARB extension for pixel shaders in OGL 1.5. I have also read that 3DLabs have proposed extensions for using the OGL 2.0 high-level language in current versions of OGL to the ARB.

What I am wondering is if anybody knows when the 3DLabs extensions will be available, if they will be available?

as with any system controlled by committee, which OpenGL is, it is near impossible to say exactly WHEN things will occur. Current hope is for Opengl 1.5 this fall and 2.0 Next year (preferrably early rather than late). You can follow the news events at the various companies as well as here, though you may have to hunt now and then for dates. When the grumbling stops (or at least dies to a murmer), the code goes gold.

gl1.5 this fall? we still sit on gl1.3 and wait for 1.4. i bet 1.4 will be this fall…

Well according to other threads 1.4 just was approved, now they start debating on 1.5 or wait for 2.0. Guess 1.5 will be late this year or early next.

Now we can scream at the vendor list to support the 1.4 specs.