OpenGL 1.4 Vertex Shaders etc...

I’ve done OpenGL for a while now but I’ve never really gotten into it very much.

Is this new Cg SDK available yet? It will allow us to create vertex shaders in much the same way as DirectX 8.0 does… am I right? If its not already out when will it be available? Is it compatible with 1.2 and 1.3 implementations of OpenGL out of the box (so to speak)?

Also I have saw demos for shadow casting in OpenGL but is it possible to have soft shadows, where the edges of the shadow are actaully realisticly blurred? If so has anyone done a demo of such a feature, where can it be obtained?


Cg is out … But its not compatible with open gl <1.3 or even 1.4 … You will have to wait until 2.0 … For now you can do vertex, pixel shaders in DirectX