OpenGL 1.3

Is there someone developing a 1.3 version of the OGL api ?
If so, where to find information about progress ?
Directx is growing fast ppl…
With pixel shaders they put a small gap between “us” and DX, but with the time passing ???

Don’t think OpenGL 1.3 will arrive in a near future. And don’t you worry about DirectX evolving faster, because it doesn’t. Everything that’s available (or atleast available AND usable) in Direct3D is available in OpenGL aswell. Don’t know about the most advanced stuff though, but why care since no hardware support is anyways. When these features is available in Direct3D and hardware, OpenGL support in hardware will most certainly be available aswell. And when a new feature is comming up, an extensions is usually out at once, but in Direct3D, we have to wait for a whole new release to include the feature.

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Bob is right. Extensions are coming faster than the D3D feature in hardware.

Pixel shaders are sooooooooo slow in software…

It’s unfortunate that ONLY nVidia seem to
have a clue about OpenGL, though. Most of
the good extensions (NV_vertex_program
anyone?) seem unlikely to be available from
other vendors anytime soon, especially since
it’s not shipping from nVidia yet, and we’ve
heard that there are even nVidia IP
impediments to implementing it by others.

I don’t know why, whenever a new standard is evolving, Microsoft starts to make it’s own standards so that there would be no standards at all. Why can’t Microsoft follow the same approach of OpenGL or any supposed-to-be-standard frame works. That’s what Microsoft had done with Java and that’s what it’s doing with OpenGL!!!

i take it by ‘small gap’ u mean
uve been able to pixel shaders in hardware with opengl for at least 6 months.
with d3d8 u can do pixel shaders but only in software at the moment.

gotta admit though releasing a opengl1.3 version (even if it adds bugger all new stuff) will do wonders for ppls confidence. just like in politics appearance is everything

combiner spec iirc came out last september…

Before they do 1.3 I would like to know where I can find the headers and libs for 1.2

Originally posted by bgl:
anyone?) seem unlikely to be available from
other vendors anytime soon.

May I object that NV_vertex_program is not even available from nVidia ???

I know some of you (fortunate) guys can use the leaked Detonator 7.17 under Win2000 or Win9x but I (poor NT user) can not try this (fantastic?) extension !

You see, even their Registered Developer web site does not provide any driver that offers the extension !

By the way, no offense to Matt, Cass, or Sebastien… I have already discussed the case with you and I understand why this extension is not publicly released (yet!)…

Regards !