OpengL 1.3

some one can told me where to get OpenGL 1.3 please

yes, please!!! i need it very quickly!

I d/l opengl 1.3 sdk, installed it so now how do i use it?

where can i download opengl sdk 1.3?

and is this openGL driver comptible with Geforce 3?

Guess we’ll never know if GF3 can use 1.3

Open folks must not know. (

The OpenGL 1.3 SDK is for developers to code OpenGL applications. If you’re a gamer, downloading that is useless. When nVidia uploads their new drivers, I’m sure they will have the new OpenGL features and fully use the 1.3 API. Until then, be patient. And yes, it will run fine with a GF3.

thx… but i tasted my GF3 with Q3 and it works see some openGL-Drivers are compatible with GF3.