opengl 1.3 headers

Where can i find opengl 1.3 headers?, I only have found the 1.2 ones.

hmm… google???

really, try searching before you ask.


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  1. Go to (yes, this site)
  2. On the frontpage, there’s a combobox with “Quick Links” as its default selection
  3. Click on the little arrow
  4. Scroll down the list and select “Technical FAQ”
  5. Click one more time to visit the next page
  6. Search for “23 Extensions and Versions”
  7. Click the link with the same name as #6
  8. RTFM (Read The Funny Manual).
  9. Have a good day.

Sorry but those headers on the sgi site are still very outdated (OGL 1.2), so there is no way to know where to get the header reading the FAQ

Of course we could go to the ext. registry, get the specs and cut & paste… but its annoying

An easy way to get 1.3 compliant headers is to pop over to ATI and download their stuff. Include your gl.h and glAti.h and you have all 1.3 core functionality plus some ATI extensions which you can ignore of course.

You can directly download the header, no need to wade through megabytes of SDK stuff.

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The NVSDK does also contain a glext.h…

(hm, I should type faster)

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Well, I thinl I’ll just copy paste the arb extensions into my opengl 1.2 headers