opengl 1.2

i just started recently messing with openGL. i looked at my gl.h file and it saysi’m using openGL 1.1

so my question is where can i get version 1.2
or do have have to *buy it?


The current OpenGL version on windows is 1.1 but almost all drivers is supporting 1.2 run the NeHe tutorial 25 and check your version. The missing stuff in gl.h is in this file

Some hardware vendors has also an updated gl.h that can be used instead. If your driver is 1.2 are new parameters accepted. New functions must be treated the same way as extensions.

All you should need to do is install the drivers for an OpenGL 1.2-compliant graphics card. Then, your (Windows?) machine would be using the newer OpenGL implementation.

But you have to get all OpenGL 1.2 functions by using wglGetProcAddress()