Opengl 1.2

where can i download the opengl 1.2 ???

Open GL 1.2 is an API definition, and not really something you “download”.

If you are working in Windows, then (I think… I’m not a Windows programmer) Visual C++ comes with all the libraries and header files you need.

On Linux (and for Windows too if you don’t want to shell out the bucks) you can download Mesa 3D , which is an OpenGL look-a-like library.

Hope this helps.

Microsoft hasn’t implemented 1.2 yet. Visual C++ comes with OpenGL 1.1 libs and headers.

Microsoft hasn’t implemented 1.2 yet but nvidia has. All nvidia cards should have OpenGL 1.2 and perhaps that is true also for other manufacturers? Run the NeHe tutorial 25 and check that version you have. All functions must be supported but perhaps are some just software implementations. No nvidia card has hardware support for 3d textures so you will get an sw implentation of that function.

You must load the 1.2 functions as extensions. Here is a little library that loads OpenGL 1.2 and other extensions