OpenGL 1.2 or higher

Where exactly can I get the header and library files for OpenGL 1.2 or higher?

I am currently using v1.1 however I need to use glDrawPixels() to display buffer source data in the format RGB 5-6-5.

The GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT_5_6_5 type is unsupported in v1.1 therefore I need v1.2 or above.

At present I am separately copying the red, green and blue components via masking from the source buffer into a new buffer then using the GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE type however the overhead of this conversion is causing an unacceptable drop in frame rate

I have search extensively for v1.2 on the net however I am getting nowhere, any help would be greatly appreciated



Did your “extensive search” cover the very first post of this forum or “Getting Started” link on main page? :wink:

If your refering to this page:

then I afraid I couldn’t see a link to the .h, .lib and .dll files I need

A little for information would be helpful

No, he meant the one on the main site. However, the page you linked to also has a Getting Started link which points to the same place.

That page contains the information you need.

Is this the page you are refering to when you say “Getting Started”…

If so section “2.150 Where is OpenGL 1.2?” isn’t overly helpful

Is there any chance someone could just post the link to the files for me please?

this is the file you need glext.h
on top of that use something like GLEW

That’s all you need.

Is that really the simplest way?

I though all I needed were the 3 .h files, the 3 .lib files and the 3 .dll files for version 1.2 or higher

surely they are available somewhere?

Read this article:

After that you will understand that you don’t need a new .lib.
You can use GLee or GLEW.
There is also a project to create an official new header for opengl 3.x:

Thanks greg, that link was very helpful

I have now incorporated GLee into my build and appear o be able to use functionality up to version 2.1

My next question concerns how to only draw part of the data in a buffer. The buffer consists of a 1600 x 1200 array of unsigned shorts. From this I want to extract a 1024 x 1024 “Main” image starting at 0,0 and a 512 x 512 “Sub” image starting at 1087, 578

What OpenGL function would be suitable for this?

Andy - first advice. Don’t try to work ahead of your current knowledge. That never worked well for me.

If you would really read that “Getting Started” page on wiki, or at least “OpenGL 2.0+ and extensions” part, then you would know where to get glext.h from. you would also know about GLEE and GLEW.
Knowledge is power, so gain it by reading, not just looking.

The question you’re now asking sounds like someone who is not interested in learning OpenGL, and simply wants to achieve some goal.
And answer to your question is: No, there is no such function, but yes - you can easily visualise selected fragments of image with OpenGL if you know the very basics of texturing.