OpenGL 1.2 now! that's a begining

well, I dont know how many months (I guess more than 12) old is the 1.2 spec, but it includes quite a set of improvements. Hope we get it in a finite future.

OpenGL 1.2 already exists widely. NVidias drivers, for example, has supported 1.2 for quite a while now, and I assume quite a few other manufacturers support 1.2 aswell. I got 1.2 installed on this workstation.

Now, if you refer to Microsofts implementation of OpenGL, you have to bug them instead. THEY are responsible for providing you with newer versions of OpenGL.

Is this 100% true? I mean, all opengl 1.2 functionality is implemented via extensions, but not fully. What about the imaging subset? Also, it is not implemented in all cards.

In fact, nvidia is missing one feature, 3d textures, so it’s not officially 1.2. So, I agree that nvidia and all are making a big effort about it, but they are not finish yet.

And the imaging subset? I find it very powerful. I want some sort of postproduction step in the rendering pipeline, where on can apply color transformations, blur, distort, noise,etc, to the rendered fragments. Well, this could be a new topic I guess.

3D textures are available in NVidias drivers. But then there is the big question about “supporting something”. Yes, it IS supported. No, it’s not supported in hardware. And the imaging subset is optional. I’m not sure about this, but 1.2 is the new core fuctionality, and 1.2.1 includes the imaging subset. When I query the version in my OpenGL apps, I see 1.2.1, and therefore i suppose the whole suit is supported by NVidia. But as I said above. By supported, I mean you can use it, but maybe not in hardware.

And you also said they are available through extensions. Do you mean you have to load these functions like an extension? Then there is an explanation to why you have to use them as an extension. MS’s OpenGL32.dll does not yet support these functions, and therefore cannot load them for you, you have to do it yourself. When MS releases their 1.2 (.1 ?) implementation, you will be able to use these functios like any other function.

Well, I get all that (I didn’t fully read the ogl 1.2 spec before posting this, sorry). I’ll post a new topic called “Imaging subset” or something to discuss it in an apropiate thread. thanks.