OpenGL 1.2.1 is out for the Mac

if you are a lowly scrub like me you can get it from Pangea’s CroMag Rally demo, wheee!

don’t forget to order a copy and show your support for Mac OpenGL games

Yes, you are right OpenGL 1.2.1 can be found in the new pangea’s game demo
but I wonder what is worng with Apple, there is no such thing in the Apple OpenGL site an the worst, we are still in the SDK version 1.0, I’m a bit upset because OpenGL is going very very slow on te MAC OS.

This is just a guess, but my hunch is that they are throwing all their resources into OSX related stuff, and most other things are taking a back seat to that.

Hmm. OpenGL 1.2.1 will probably be released with Mac OS 9.1, which is actually finalized but not yet released because of incompatibility with Mac OS X PB 1. So OS 9.1 will be released when a patch for the OS X Public Beta is released. Keep waiting. I personally want Quake 3: Team Arena for Mac OS, which is rumoured to be released when Apple officially announces Apple OpenGL 1.2.1.

Apple is up to OpenGL 1.2.1; it’s been posted to their Apple Developer Connection since 11/27. Apple tends to post such things behind their ADC membership site, which is unfortunate for the general public. Membership in the ADC is free, but it’s an extra step that people have to go thru who just want their OGL drivers.

OGL 1.2.1 is unoptimised, some extra features (GL_EXT) are supported but there are no reeal-world speed improvements. Apple should be releasing OGL 1.2.2 in jan. (along with the OS9.1 update). Maybe by then there wil also be a new sdk and some improvements for OGL in OS X…

“Apple is up to OpenGL 1.2.1; it’s been posted to their Apple Developer Connection since 11/27.”

Are you referring to the OS X Beta Developer Tools CD download? That only works if you install OS X, I can’t use it in OS 9. And even though I have a G3 Powerbook, OS X won’t recognize my hard drive for an install.