OpenGL 1.2/1.3 Headers and Lib

Hello all.
We , at my group at the company I work at , have purchased new books for OpenGL 1.2 and 1.3 , yet we can not seem to find any gl.h /glu.h headers compatible with version 1.2/1.3 also the libraries are missing these functions. Does anyone have the IDea where one can find these ? Before you go screaming “It’s at microsoft’s platform SDK” let me assure you , it’s not. does anyone know of a place to download the .h and .lib files of the OpenGL1.2/1.3 new command set ?
I know I don’t need the Dll’s because the device drivers support OpenGL 1.3 already.

lots of posts about this yet

go to nvidia or ati, they have nice helpers. but in fact you have to write them yourself means threating gl1.2 and gl1.3 as extensions. it’s not that hard…

Check out , in the “GL Includes” section. OpenGL 1.3 & GLU 1.3 + extensions include files, for virtually any compiler and environment (hopefully). The libs can be your old 1.1 libs. GL 1.2 & 1.3 functionality is treated as extensions (under Windows at least), meaning you need some kind of framework to get all the function pointers.

There’s an intel glh.h - it has all extensions in it, no matter what vendor.

Thanks guys,
I have downloaded the header files.
The question is now : what of the .lib files
Or is there another solution ?

try this or do it yourself. there are enough demos on the web showing you how
( for example)

davepermen, I gave him that link already!

phoenix_wrath (nice name!),
You just link to the normal opengl32.lib (if using windows).
In the GLsdk there’s header files, and a c file. You compile the c file however you like…as a lib, or copy and paste it into your own code…it’s only there to initialise the function pointers declared in the header files.