well i’m trying to learn OpenGL. i got this free 3d modeler called OpenFX, and i was wondering if anyone else knows about that program. it’s used to be called softFX before it release it’s source code and became open source. Well my question is, how can you generate OpenGL code (C++) from the OpenFX software.

Hi !

Could you explain a bit more, I am not sure what you want to do, OpenFX is a modeler and renderer, the modeler use OpenGL to display the scene.

Do you want to use the modeles created with OpenFX in an OpenGL application ?


yes that’s exactly what i want to know! i dont know if is possible, i’m just wondering if you can do that. is there a way that i can use the model i use in openFX in my openGL program?

Im not familiar with that modeler, but you would probably have to save the model as a certain 3D format. Then write a model loader routine for your OGL program which loads the file’s verteces, normals, faces and texture coords. The way you do this depends on the file format you save the model as.