OpenES Libary Donwload


where can I find a Download to the OpenES Libary Files oder to the OpenES SDK
I can only find Links to the specification and the Header File, but not to the Libary(*.lib) Files
where can I get them

I don’t think there is an implementation yet… (at least not one that’s available to the public)

does sombody know, when there is a public Release of the implementation

The OpenGL ES working group is currently working on the adopter’s package, which we target for end of October. The adopter’s package will include the conformance test, which every implementation has to p*** to be called OpenGL ES. You can expect to see first releases of OpenGL ES implementations after the adopter’s package is complete.

– Claude Knaus

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by clyde7:
…which every implementation has to p*** to be called OpenGL ES…


The forum seems to be censoring the word ***!

So what if someone is looking for istance with a m of ***embler code…

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Hauptmann:
does sombody know, when there is a public Release of the implementation<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I started a project on SourceForge for an implementation of OGLES for PocketPCs based on the Intel graphics primitives as3D Rendering Library for PocketPC. I’ll probably upload a first drop of the code next weekend as starting point, which will include a basic triangle rendering pipeline. Maybe someone else will be interested in participating?

we - the vrgroup at the of vienna - have a quite advanced opengl(|es) implementation for pocketpcs more or less finished which we will release as open source at end of the year (we’ll wait for the conformance test before we release it).

it’s targeted for speed and hardware independence (porting it to other platforms should be very easy).

if you are interested in this go to Handheld AR


Very nice project! I see that additional to OpenGL ES features, you added some from OpenGL, like glBegin/End, polygon stippling/smooth and clip planes. Were any of these necessary to get ARToolKit and Coin3D to run? The feedback would be interesting to Khronos as specification discussion on OpenGL ES 1.1 is starting now.

– Claude

hmm, we don’t have polygon stippling and also no clipping planes. we started with a minimal opengl implementation to do our work on PDAs before the opengl|es spec was public. in fact we currently have just a little bit more than opengl|es specifies (such as glBegin/glEnd).

glBegin/glEnd is of course necessary to get coin3d running. artoolkit is a computer vision library and by itself independent of opengl, but surely it makes no sense to use it without 3d graphics output… :slight_smile:


ok, I misread your chart :slight_smile: What about mixing video? Is it done via overlay, or are you using textures?

– Claude

video background is currently done via glDrawPixels, but since i have full control of the framebuffer (of course lying in normal main memory), i also could just pre-fill it in the application code…

using texture drawing for this would be very expensive since texturing is quite slow on a software rasterizer.


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