Opencl3.0 still limited to work-item syncronization within work-group?

I am studying opencl1.1 from 978 9321749642 ISBN, it largely states about synchronization that synchronization is limited to work-items in a work-group only and OPENCL does not provide synchronization guarantee work-items in a multiple work-group.

I reviewed opencl3.0 specification and very little said about whether this limitation has improved 3.2.4 Synchronization.

The specific example in an above mentioned book took an example as work-item synchronizatino within work-group:

void kernel _fcn_name (...args...)
<code snippet>....
<code snippet>....

But CUDA example I looked before has simply put the synchronization function (which I can not recall function’s exact name) after the kernel call in host caller code.

host code:

<code snippet...>
<cuda kernel> ()....
synchronization function call
<code snippet...>

This way all cuda threads called by cuda kernel will be forced to complete before synch function call. Can it be done similar in opencl?
There is a barrier() opencl built-in function, not sure if this can be called from host.

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